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In the third quarter of 2020, South Africa had an unemployment rate of 30.8%, while the youth unemployment rate for the same period was 59%. The persistently high youth unemployment rate has long been one of the most pressing socio-economic problems in South Africa. Some of the young work-seekers are not well educated and do not possess sufficient skills and previous work experience demanded by employers in the labour market. The economy demands skilled and experienced work-seekers, which makes it difficult and lessens the chances for young people to find employment, which ultimately results in some losing hope of ever finding a job (Stats SA; 2020). Many of these young individuals have the ability to succeed in life but they simply do not posses the opportunity and means to lift themselves out of their situation. 

The Yellowwood Crown Foundation was launched in February 2021 to change the narrative. We want to provide the opportunity to some talented young people who do not have the means to fund their education. We also want to provide advice on possible career opportunities, so the students can make an informed decision about 

their direction of study.  Lastly, we want to provide mentorship to these individuals to ensure that they reach the end goal. 

We invite you to partner with us in making this goal a reality. 

One-On-One Tutoring
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